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About Tentacoo

Our aim is to create an integrated data system that encourages more and more people and companies to choose cycling and E-scooter as a more efficient, green, fun, safe, and easy way to commute, connect, exercise and deliver products and services.

What we Stand For

We agree with Dani Every that cycling is the solution to so many of our society’s challenges from air pollution to physical inactivity and obesity.

Sustainable Environment

The environmental impact and benefits of the effective infrastructure required for cycling in cities like London and their networks are currently being explored and built, outlining the potential outcome in developing a sustainable environment.

Energy Consumption

Cycling has been compared to other forms of transportation/commuting, the amount of energy required to produce a bicycle and an electric scooter is significantly minute compared to other modes.

Reduced Noise Pollution

The noise levels in cities can also be considered a pollutant, with associated long term health risks: Noise can increase the levels of stress hormones such as adrenaline and noradrenalin in the body, even during sleep.