Our Services Breakdown

Combining products with direct user subscription
Incentivised direct user subscription
User data through commercial subscription
Licensing product to commercial users
Partnership with commercial users
Sponsorship/Partnership with the government for security, regulation and governance.
Direct one off user free navigation access after login details and personal has been accepted.
Enhanced users access to facilities available on-route, networking, route sharing, interaction, crowd sourcing, fitness and networking.
Enhanced user access to all commercial platform for services including food, parcel deliveries, medical services, fitness facilities.
Commercialised platform for commercial users includes enhanced usage and commercial services availability.
Setting CPU/CPS/ CPA (cost per use) with commercial and direct users.
All digital and local Businesses Advertising services

Tentacoo is a UK based technology company, providing cycling and E-scooter route optimisation application system that helps cyclists and E-scooter users with route sourcing, safety, fitness, interaction and efficiency.

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Copyright © 2023 Tentacoo. All Rights Reserved | Powered by: Micro Tech London

Copyright © 2024 Tentacoo. All Rights Reserved | Powered by: Micro Tech London