Tentacoo Safe Riding Policy

Riding with Tentacoo app is a healthy, fun and safe experience. However, it must be done with considerable safety measures. The following information highlights the measures of safe riding and less conflict between you and your environment whilst you are riding.

1. Wear a helmet to protect your brain and save your life. It is a safer decision than riding bare headed. It looks good on you, trust us.


2. Make sure you can see and can be seen by your surroundings. You deserve the attention.


3. Be alert. Cancelling external noises from your headphones or earpiece may sound good but not whilst you are riding. You need to experience your environment too by listening to the excitements, it’s fun.


4. Get creative with your routes whilst riding. Remember your safe riding is a legacy for others to follow, so ride safely, carefully and considerably. Choose the best routes from Tentacoo app, relax and just follow the designated lane guides.


5. Ride with traffic and never against it because it is virtually impossible, unrealistic and unsafe to manoeuvre when you are against traffic. More importantly, who doesn’t want to progress with those who are going their direction?


6. Keep your hands on the handlebars for a better balance, control and emergencies; we can do the stunts and photos away from the public and busy spaces.


7. You are riding a vehicle so behave like a vehicle the entire time you’re riding for yours and others’ safety.


8. Use designated suitable lane and avoid riding on zebra crossing and pedestrian pavements. Remember, you are a vehicle.


9. For more exciting riding experience, explore our app and its features when you are not riding.

Tentacoo is a UK based technology company, providing cycling and E-scooter route optimisation application system that helps cyclists and E-scooter users with route sourcing, safety, fitness, interaction and efficiency.

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Copyright © 2023 Tentacoo. All Rights Reserved | Powered by: Micro Tech London

Copyright © 2024 Tentacoo. All Rights Reserved | Powered by: Micro Tech London