Our Concierge and Security Product Functionalities

Our technology convergence and user focused system protects and restricts user data to users’ contacts and only shares route optimisation information anonymously with other users to give a sense safety and security to all users. Commercial users may share their location, status and other relevant information with users for efficient product /service delivery. Vendors may also interact with users on their customised system tailored to TENTACOO specification and user will be notified with any updates. Users may consent or decline to share their information and experiences with other users through a direct message or publish if they choose. Our system will not share user information with anyone outside users’ connection and specified interests.

Why Choose Us

Tentacoo is a UK based technology company, providing cycling and E-scooter route optimisation application system that helps cyclists and E-scooter users with route sourcing, safety, fitness, interaction and efficiency.

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Copyright © 2023 Tentacoo. All Rights Reserved | Powered by: Micro Tech London

Copyright © 2024 Tentacoo. All Rights Reserved | Powered by: Micro Tech London