What We Stand For

by admin

We agree with Dani Every that cycling is the solution to so many of our society’s challenges from air pollution to physical inactivity and obesity. We will add that E-scootering is also a practical solution to some of our society’s challenges from pollution to poor economy; and enhancing cycling and E-scooter with our integrated application system which makes these mode of transportation and product/service delivery more efficient, green, safe and economical for individuals and companies whilst creating a sustainable environment.
London is the best city to start encouraging more and more people and companies to choose cycling and scootering as a more efficient, green, fun, safe, and easy way to commute, connect, exercise and deliver products and services. London has seen the biggest boom with over 110% increase since 2000 in cycling only and most recent exploration of the e-scooter market by major market leading companies.

Our application system manages cyclists’ and scooters sourced, shared, safe, compared, crowded and quiet routes at different times of use.
Our application system creates people, places, products and services awareness and collects basic/enhanced details of cyclists and electric scooter users on common routes and interests on the go to improve user performance and experience. 

Our application system also shares user related events, interests and facilities nearby; alternative user friendly routes, making cycling and scootering experience much safer, convenient and fun.
Our integrated application system enhances and improves the environment by reducing carbon emission and congestion; supporting ultra low/zero
emission plans and improving spaces and architectural structures in London.