Our Service Breakdown

by admin


  • Combining products with direct user subscription
  •  Incentivised direct user subscription
  •  User data through commercial subscription

Partnership, Sponsorship and licensing

  • Licensing product to commercial users
  •  Partnership with commercial users
  •  Sponsorship/Partnership with the government for security, regulation and governance.

Affiliate Revenue strategy

  • Setting CPU/CPS/ CPA (cost per use) with commercial
    and direct users.


  • Direct one off user free navigation only free access to
    after login details and persona is accepted.
  •  Enhanced users access to facilities available on-route, networking, route sharing, interaction, crowd sourcing, fitness and networking.
  •  Enhanced user access to all commercial platform for services including food, parcel deliveries, medical services, fitness facilities.
  •  Commercialised platform for commercial users includes enhanced usage and commercial services availability.


  •  All digital and local Businesses Advertising services