Our Product Functionalities

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Our technology convergence and user focused system optimises cycling and E-scooter routes, navigation, value exchange and sustainable environment to create an experience and give a sense safety and security to all users
Our consolidated solution system facilitates user research, analysis and feedback for verification and updates published  user information progressively for  efficient product/service delivery.
Our application system brings product/service demand and supply together through sustainable use. This means that our convergence technology facilitates all user demands and commercial market supply into one system and creates a market place for all users. (Everything Cycling and E-scooter)
We provide advertisement platform for networking, communication and engagement between users and all local and web businesses, for awareness, product/service knowledge and interaction to improve efficient user product/service delivery.


We run campaigns for security, route safety, cycling regulation, governance and environmentally sustainable city information for cycling social groups, local authorities and government agencies.


The TEN-TEAM also attend social and interactive cycling events and activities organised, to engage with attendees and potential product users to build awareness.

Our technology convergence and user focused system  protects and restricts user data to  users’ contacts and only shares route optimisation information anonymously with other users  to give a sense safety and security to all users.
 Commercial users may share their location, status and other relevant information with users for efficient product /service delivery. Vendors may also interact with users on their customised  system tailored to TENTACOO specification and user will be notified with any updates.
 Users may consent or decline to share their information and experiences with other users through a direct message or publish if they choose.

Our system will not share user information with anyone outside users’ connection and specified interests.

Our system uses basic navigation information to create awareness. All collected data enhances safety, security, interaction, and efficiency for product/service delivery whilst protecting user data and general integrity of the environment. 

Users may consent or decline to share their information, analysis, feedback and messages with integrated  chosen vendors for efficient product/service delivery  and share their experiences with their connection whilst they are protected from  unwanted interaction.
Our system will not share user information with anyone outside users’ connection and specified interests.

Our interactive system allows cyclist and E-scooter users to share crowd sources and personal information with their contacts in  order to build a community with other users including commercial users for efficient product/service delivery.

Our system ties user/consumer to a range of products, services and resourceful systems through  user lifestyle and needs. This is acceptable in the market due to new world order, regulations conformity, human survival and environmental sustainability.

Our technology convergence system facilitates product/service user demand and commercial supply  through sustainable use to enhance data management, product/service cost, efficiency and delivery.
Our continuous development and innovative strategy introduces new and updated range of user interactive, efficient , and sustainably functional product/services into diverse markets and will enhance all existing systems and service markets.
Our system builds people, places, products and service awareness and manages basic/enhanced user data with common values in real time to improve user performance, and experience.