Our Design Benefits

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Cycling has been researched and electric scooters are being explored and recommended in the UK to be the most energy efficient and potential contributory factor in developing a more sustainable environment. The benefits are fully evident in the existing and ever improving sustainable cities in the world like Zurich, Stockholm, Singapore, Copenhagen, Vienna etc.

Sustainable Environment

The environmental impact and benefits of the effective infrastructure required for cycling in cities like London and their networks are currently being explored and built, outlining the potential outcome in developing a sustainable environment. This has now been expanded into the Electric scooter market in order to accommodate other economical and practical mode of transportation Improved Spaces and architectural structures in London level of growth and a record breaking boom with over 110% increase in cycling since 2000 and the new scooter market exploration, London has begun the structural and regulatory plans to encourage cycling and the use of Electric scooters as a more efficient, green, fun, safe, and easy way to commute, connect, exercise and deliver products and services.

Energy Consumption

Cycling has been compared to other forms of transportation/commuting, the amount of energy required to produce a bicycle and an electric scooter is significantly minute compared to other modes. Research Data shows that road bicycle and electric scooters uses less energy during the production process compared to cars and Motor Bikes. Bicycles and electric scooters have a substantially lower embodied energy, their lane construction is less energy-intensive than roads for automobiles, requiring a smaller amount of space, reduced foundations and other material requirements, and less energy intensive maintenance.
This clearly contributes largely to overall carbon footprints of individuals and corporations. Our Application system supports and advances this low/zero emission and environmentally sustainable outcomes into cyclists and electric scooter users’ daily carbon footprint through its efficient and integrated system which brings all possible facets of cyclists and scooters needs into one user interface both for individuals and companies.

Air Quality

We see cycling and scootering as environmentally sustainable and much more than just low emission strategy but also a contributing factor to clean air which also impacts global warming. Every cyclist and scooter users who contributes to a zero emission also experiences reduced carbon emissions and improved air quality. These benefits become more significantly tangible for those in the innercity and beyond.

Incentivised System

Every person and companies who uses our integrated system to enhance cycling and scooter usage as their mode of transport, fitness and product/service delivery ends up with a reduced personal, corporate carbon footprint, and the outcome is considerably incentivised in our system through points which could be used in exchange for goods and services by the App user.

Expanded demand for Economic Growth

– As cycling and electric scooters become the real and compelling alternative to other forms of transport, fitness and product/service delivery, it becomes apparent that this market will need a more converged, efficient and integrated user focused system that facilitates its impact in other needs.

Improved user Integrated system

As the roads becomes cleaner, less congested with exhaust fumes causing air pollution, cycling and electric scooter routes safety, efficiency and clean environment becomes an integral measure for improvement, making improved air quality a reality through our integrated application system.

Reduced Noise Pollution

The noise levels in cities can also be considered a pollutant, with associated long term health risks: Noise can increase the levels of stress hormones such as adrenaline and noradrenalin in the body, even during sleep. The longer these hormones stay in circulation around the bloodstream, the more likely they are to cause life-threatening physiological problems. Some Environmentally friendly cities are already highlighting noise pollution in their sustainability plans in order to reduce and solve some of the psychological issues in within the city, seeing less pollution and cleaner air, less vehicle noise and more birds chirping brings peace and better life expectancies.
Product , Service and User Technology Convergence
The role of our converged, integrated application system in reducing noise pollution is significant in the increase level of cycling and the use of electric scooter so the same ineffective systems may be managed through one single platform. Even though there are obvious urban benefits of cycling and using electric scooters, it is better with our technology convergence.

Inclusivity, Safety and Security

Analysis show that weather, crime, geography, security, landscape, road traffic regulations and industries are factors that affect the benefits of cycling and the use of electric scooters. Our Converged and integrated system will change our perspective and help solve all these major problems through an inclusive concept for navigation, networking, crowdsourcing, route sharing, crime-solving tracking systems, security, and product /service delivery facility forindustries.

Consolidated Solution System

Continuous Development Introducing new and updated range of consumer interactive, efficient , and sustainably functional product services into diverse markets will enhance all existing systems and service markets; eventually create a new technology market and economy. Creating a product system service which ties user/consumer to a range of products , services and resourceful systems through consumption, maintenance, repair, replacement , health and fitness, connectivity and ultimately use is acceptable in the market due to new world order, regulations conformity , human survival and environmental sustainability.